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Challenges of delivering learning….

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Addressing the challenges of delivering learning and

development globally

Jeff Benviniste

Whether you are a large corporate or a fast growing SME there is a strong likelihood you will be involved in some international activity. You may be running operations, serving global clients, managing suppliers, or growing business in other international markets and this will therefore have a direct impact on how you recruit, manage and develop individuals and teams.

Many say that internationalising L&D is all about innovation, effective knowledge sharing and communication. I personally continue to be fascinated by how organisations manage what is technically called the ‘global local dilemma’.

They want to create efficiencies internationally in how they develop people, but yet they want to fit into the local environment and serve the local market. Whatever way you look at it, there are enormous challenges of L&D ‘going global’.

Programmes and interventions need to be cost effective, work across different cultures and involve virtual teams, often separated by vast geographical distances. Do we outsource design, delivery or administration or retain in-house? How do we find external providers who have the right expertise, cultural fit and genuine global reach? It doesn’t end there….We also need to build our own L&D team and engage them in the necessary changes to work internationally.

In November 2011, Global Edge will be carrying out a unique survey on the globalisation of learning and development. We will be asking those in leading L&D roles to share their views, perspectives and experiences on the key challenges they face in delivering learning and development globally as well as the opportunities and ideas for addressing them.

The survey results will be published in a future issue of HR magazine.

All those completing the survey will be entitled to receive the full survey report and conclusions.


HR Magazine.
29 Dec, 14

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