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Elevate Your Payroll
Knowledge With Payroll 201

APA’s Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program provides intensive, advanced, hands-on training on complex payroll functions and regulations. Beginning February 10 in San Antonio, the course covers issues such as how the payroll function impacts the accounting, benefits, and human resources departments, as well as the more complicated legal issues like benefits taxation, third-party sick pay reporting, and involuntary deductions.

Payroll 201 offers proven practices for managing a cost-effective payroll department and practical experience that can be immediately applied on the job. Participants also receive APA’s trusted text The Payroll Source® as the course text and as a reference tool for later use.

Whether you’re positioning yourself for career advancement or preparing for the CPP exam, registering for Payroll 201 is the perfect first step!

03 Jan, 15

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