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Essentials of Human Resource Training and Development

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In a nutshell, Human Resource training and development should be of such nature that it should oil the human resources machinery making it something that takes the organization forward. If Human Resource training and development is not professional or appropriate; the result is a bureaucratic setup that is a hindrance to everyone in the organization. Rather than get mired in mindless formalities; HR should facilitate the growth of the organization, for all of which Human Resource training and development is the foundation.

Human Resource training and development is the imparting of necessary knowledge and skills to a human resource professional in the organization. This is necessary for a number of reasons. HR professionals are very important for the organization. They need continuous upgrade of their skills and attitudes. Training them to bring them on par with the organization’s goals and in tune with the industry trends is necessary, since well-equipped HR professionals are the means to ensuring optimal performance from the organization’s employees.

Recruitment techniques

Since HR is engaged in what is perhaps the most important task for the organization –that of selecting employees who will become valuable resources –Human Resource training and development has to be focused on the right techniques for recruitment. Human Resource training and development should include ways by which the HR professional goes about finding the right candidate for every position in the organization.

This technique is not about just posting requirements on jobsites and bringing the candidate to the interview panel. Each interview has to be meaningful and effective. It is a session in which the employees who are going to become part of the organization are selected. For this to be meaningful, Human Resource training and development should be such that even a junior HR professional in the organization is able to make the right choice. Human Resource training and development should be focused on training the HR professional to understand requirements threadbare from the organizational perspective.

Send the right candidate for next round

The HR professional who is in charge of recruitment should be able to gather requirements from respective managers. When the candidate is finally passed on to the manager for a further round; there should be very less wastage of time. For this to happen, the HR professional should be in complete sync with the requirements. Technical or non-technical, the requirement should be thoroughly understood. When HR interviews a candidate, it should be a formality for the higher up manager to whom the candidate will eventually report. This is a technique that Human Resource training and development within the organization has to hone in the HR professional.

Policies and regulations

Another important work of HR’s is to enforce policies and regulations. For this too, the HR of the organization has to be thoroughly trained. Human Resource training and development should be of such quality and relevance that no regulation should be out of place with the employees or out of alignment with company vision. In the first place, HR formulates rules for the organization. Although it makes rules and regulations in consultation with management; it should ensure that these reflect the organization’s culture and are employee-friendly.

Staying tuned to organization is important

When a policy is unpopular, it is HR which gets rapped. Human Resource training and development should be such that these rules are not only in line with the organization’s ethics and image; they should be popular with employees, as well. In fact, Human Resource training and development should be of such standard that it should be able to identify any discrepancy and be able to come up with suggestions to managements at the time of formulation itself. All this would become possible only with sound Human Resource training and development.


Posted By Russel Stuart, Friday, March 01, 2013

17 Feb, 15

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