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How 4 Types of Hiring Managers Can Use Video Interviewing

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1. The Procrasta-Manager

“I have an advanced degree in procrastination and another one in paranoia.” – Joanne Harris, author

Waiting until the last minute on a task at work is bound to get less attention than the project you’ve been looking at for months. Unfortunately, procrastination has grown in popularity over the last 35 years… 26% of the American public believe themselves to be chronic procrastinators.

So, it’s safe to say some managers out there procrastinate, and possibly on a regular basis. The decision to hire a candidate shouldn’t wait until the last minute and be a hurried choice. For those procrasta-managers who hire with haste, video interviewing can be the solution that takes your candidate choice from a rushed judgment to a more educated assessment of talent fit.

Video interviewing provides a window into the candidate’s cultural fit. Sharing candidate files with other colleagues to get a well-rounded assessment of the talent’s company helps the hurried hiring manager (who doesn’t have the time to spend contemplating it themselves). It keeps candidate information organized, so their interviews are easily accessible.

2. The Micromanager

Micromanagement isn’t something employees want to deal with, but it happens in every workplace. In fact, 59% of employees say they have worked under a micromanager. The traits that make a supervisor a micromanager are hard to break; they measure too much, they monitor too closely. Much like helicopter parents, helicopter managers hover.

They have a hard time completely passing a project to their team, so they have to give their input on every… single… detail. Video interviewing and video screening can help slow the hovering propellers of a helicopter manager during the hiring process.

Using video while assessing candidate fit allows micromanagers to store the information later for further review, and further input from other colleagues. GreenJobInterview stores these videos to not only pass along to other colleagues, but keep companies EEOC compliant. Those who use video interviews must keep the videos and applicant data for two years. GreenJobInterview stores this information for three years, which is one year longer than the legal requirement.

3. The Passive Manager

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” – Stephen Covey

Being a supervisor comes with a certain territory of authority and confidence. Unfortunately, poor management is the number one complaint for most employees. The passive manager sits back as no one takes charge of projects or decisions. This is where video interviewing comes in to give them – or rather, force – a bigger voice.

The hiring manager can add interviewers or candidate file reviewers to One-Way interview files. This gives hiring managers who tend to let others make the ultimate decision, the power for the “go-ahead.”

4. The Problem-Solver

Everyone loves an in-office hero. That’s where these managers come in. They solve the issue with flying colors and an imaginary cape. Unfortunately, these office saviors aren’t everyone’s superheroes. They are often also the ones who create the mess in the first place. Hiring managers who fall under this category could use a little help in maintaining the status quo without disrupting it first.

For example, to lower the cost to hire a new employee they decide to try an online platform, not specifically designed for video interviewing. The company, unfortunately, has a lot of problems with the technology not offering integration, file storage, the ability to share and rate files, and most of all—the crippling lack of tech support.

Choosing the right video interview platform can help to solve issues the “problem-solver” hiring manager might have unwittingly created. Not all IT departments are created equal, that’s why it’s important to choose a company that can provide live,24/7 tech support in the event of a tech meltdown.

Not all hiring managers take the same steps in bringing new team members to the office. Some wait until the last minute, others have to incessantly receive input from colleagues to ensure they made the right decision. In either situation, video interviewing can help to solve the problems these management types have. There are many ways to benefit from the use of video interviews, and these are just four of them.

08 Jan, 15

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