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How to Recruit and Hire Like a Pro

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You’re new to hiring. Because, well, you’re not a hiring professional really. The small business owner you work for spends 35-45% of business hours handling employee-related paperwork, recruitment, hiring, and onboarding… in other words, they double as an HR professional. Regardless if they are trained in HR or not, the business still has to comply with employment legislation. So, in order for the business to grow, the owner gives the HR and recruiting tasks to you so they can spend more time developing the business. The problem: you’re not trained, you’re not experienced, and you have limited resources. As a non-HR professional, what are you to do when you have HR tasks?


Not Everyone Can Be a Recruiter

Successful recruitment relies predominantly upon two things: the understanding of soft and hard skills and how they are integrated into company needs. As simple as that may sound, it’s a complex balancing act. Each candidate has to have the right combination of training or experience and the right personality traits to fit the company and the position. Considering 52% of executives and employers say the largest challenge they face is hiring and retaining talent, recruitment can’t be left to just anyone. Employees are an organization’s largest investment, so simply relying on LinkedIn access isn’t enough to recruit effectively.

The best recruiters are experts in recruitment. They are aware of industry talent needs and where to find these specific talent pools. Because they are aware of the supply and demand fluctuations in talent, they are able to use company benefit and compensation packages to continue to draw in qualified talent.



12 Jan, 15

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