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Our mission is to educatHR Bangladesh recruitment outsourcing e the market about Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), incorporate common metrics and comparative information as defined by, develop and enforce certifications and promote RPO benefits. We recognize that HR Bangladesh is a unique industry requiring a common set of requirements and standards. The RPO service provider members benefit by being certified and rated, included in the organized RFP process, and participating in related industry events. These members serve employers by becoming an integral part of their internal recruiting function, lowering recruiting costs, reducing time to hire, and improving hiring results. By providing a full service outsourced recruitment process, member companies turn a job requisition into a desired, measurable outcome.

Member Companies benefit by better understanding the benefits and risks of recruitment process outsourcing, having access to a variety of tools to support the decision to consider RPO, access to certified service providers through an organized RFP process, and direct connection to other members to learn from their experiences.

13 Jan, 15

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