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Five Great Lessons From A Payroll Blog – What you Can Learn

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Technology has altered the lives of everybody, even in ways they don’t realize.  With over half a billion Facebook members, many of them companies, and countless business based blogs, everyone can share their voice with the world.  But a payroll blog isn’t just something that you should ignore due to the many various payroll blogs out there.  Instead, using a payroll blog can help you uncover secrets of payroll that you may not be aware of.  Everyone has different experiences, and sharing them is part of what makes the internet so useful.  Just reading a few posts from a single quality payroll blog can teach you a lot.  Here are five great lessons you can learn from a payroll blog.

  1. What Not to Do – Everyone loves to talk about the best way to do things, but one great topic that nearly every payroll blog will discus at some point is common payroll mistakes.  From simple issues like setting up payroll systems incorrectly to more involved ones like not updating SUI rates, a payroll blog can discuss mistakes that have been seen throughout years of experience.  Reading a payroll blog can help you know what you shouldn’t do and help you avoid making the same mistakes others have made.
  1. Payroll Software – Few companies still manage payroll by hand, and more make the move to software or outsourcing every day.  Finding the best systems can be tricky, and many payroll blog topics focus on what to look for in payroll software.  From self-service to automated functions, using a payroll blog can teach you all that you need to know about the software available.  Payroll blogs could focus on the features you want in a system or could simply list two or three of the best programs out there.  At any rate, learning more about payroll software is easy thanks to a payroll blog.
  1. Tax Tips – Few things are more talked about in payroll blogs than taxes.  Unemployment, payroll, state, and federal taxes are all common topics you’ll find on a payroll blog.  You may find gentle reminders or time saving steps that you can take when managing tax info, but you’ll always be sure to find information relating to taxes on a good payroll blog.
  1. Dealing with Employees – Everyone managing payroll has ran into at least one employee who made payroll difficult.  A payroll blog could have tips on getting that employee to properly manage their information or turn in their forms promptly.  At the very least, the payroll blog may end up helping you take the situation in stride and reduce stress.
  1. There are Benefits to Blogging – Reading a payroll blog may make you realize that actually starting your own could help you as much as reading one.  A payroll blog is easy to set up through sites like WordPress, and simply by sharing your knowledge about topics you may uncover confidence and tricks you’ve been using but never realized.  And feedback in the comments sections could give you even more tips on problem areas.
11 Oct, 15

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