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Strategic Planning & Analysis

Operations and Logistics

When a client requires strategic planning, they seek a long term vision – a vision that can guide them from their current state of operations to a future state of operations 5-7 years from now. To achieve the greatest operational vision, an organization needs strategic plans from each of its functions and an integrated vision to ensure resources are maximized and value is achieved most efficiently. Resources are particularly scarce in today’s business climate and it is imperative to leverage them as much as possible and minimize waste and risk.
At HR Bangladesh, we work with our clients to understand their organizational challenges, their culture, and the landscape of projects competing for resources. As partners, we help our clients develop their vision and try to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our experience, objectivity and analytical tools help our clients gain a 360° view so they can build the vision.

HR Logistics Tools for Strategic Planning & Analysis
At HR Bangladesh Logistics, we use multiple tools to evaluate, analyze and support the strategic planning of our clients. We also develop proprietary tools and methodologies to serve a specific client need or address a Human Capital Risk Management question in the industry. The following list pairs a general question with the type of tool or method that could be used in strategic planning and analysis. Often tools and/or methods are combined to develop a more robust analysis and an understanding of the need from multiple perspectives and angles which – in turn – supports stronger decision making and can create opportunities for collaboration.
• Strategic Alignment Assessment – How well is our strategy aligned with the business goals?
• Customer Service Assessment – How well are you serving your customers?
• Needs Assessment – Do you need it?
• Gap Analysis – How badly do you need it?
• Requirements Gathering – What – exactly – do you need?
• Solution Evaluation – What will fulfill your need?
• Market Evaluation – What product/service is sold that might fulfill your need?
• Cost/Benefit Analysis – How much will it cost and how will you benefit?
• Workforce Alignment Assessment – How well do your workforce’s skills and competencies meet your organization’s needs?
• Talent Management Assessment (TMA©) – How well does your talent management process support the organization’s business goals?
• Organizational Development Assessment – What would make your workforce more productive, satisfied, efficient, etc.?
• Operational Efficiency Assessment (OEA) – How smooth are operations between point “X” and point “Y”?
• Benefits Administration Efficiency Assessment (BAEA©) – How well do you manage the expenses, labor and compliance of employee benefits?
• Organizational Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (OLEA©) – How strong is your organization’s leadership and how well are organizational goals integrated into operations?
• HR Metrics – What metrics do you track and are they relevant, reliable and replicable?
• Business Case Study – What is the total solution to the need?

At HR Bangladesh, we approach every project by following a series of steps to ensure we customize the resources to the client’s need. By following a standardized approach, we ensure a 360° understanding of the project and strong planning for a successful engagement with one primary objective – to ensure your return on your investment in HR Bangladesh Logistics as your partner.