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HR Support & Advise

  1. HR Bangladesh was founded on the belief that – in order for Human Resources, Human Capital Management and HR Technology to be truly strategic – it must embrace the principles of business analysis, strategic planning, fiscal accountability, and human risk management.
  2. Led byHR Bangladesh, HR Bangladesh achieves competence in these areas through collaboration and integration of Human Capital Management with Finance and Information Technology.  Through cross functional integration, the three-legged stool of operational excellence is formed to support the success of the organization today and far into the future.
  3. HR BANGLADESH’s mission is to provide integrated strategic and operational Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions and improve performance by increasing operational productivity and efficiency and decreasing overhead costs to add measurable value for our customers.
  4. Value provided by HR Bangladesh includes:
  5. Strategic Organizational Planning
  6. Strategic Workforce Planning
  7. Workforce Analytics
  8. Operational Assessment
  9. Operations Project Management
  10. HRIS Planning and Assessment
  11. HRIS Project Management
  12. HRIS Staff Augmentation and Support Resources
  13. Business Process Optimization
  14. Change Management & Communications
  15. Human Risk Management
  16. Feel free to check out the various services we offer.