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Recruitment process outsourcing

 Recruitment process outsourcing in Bangladesh



HR Bangladesh is one of the leading recruitment process outsourcing firm in Bangladesh, Recruitment process outsourcing has become an ideal option for both small and big business organizations in resolving their recruitment concerns, as a Recruitment process Outsourcing providers in Bangladesh we always try our best to meet clients requirements in Bangladesh. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the use of an external organization to manage some or all of the activities associated with the recruitment of permanent employees. Unlike a recruitment agency, HR Bangladesh provides highly scalable and consultative recruitment services holistically focused on optimal hiring results in Bangladesh. Employers may engage an RPO provider to supplement their entire talent acquisition function and recruiting activities or for limited scope services for particular businesses, positions, initiatives, projects and/or geographies.

HR Bangladesh provides both economics of scale and economics of scope. However, at HR Bangladesh, we believe in something more – the economics of ethics and experience. Strict compliance and adherence to client instructions cuts down on costs of non-compliance and also achieves better service levels, because regulation compliance usually results in better work. At HR Bangladesh we observe this economics of ethics when providing recruitment process outsourcing solutions for our clients in Bangladesh and beyond. We do it without sacrificing either on the economics of scale or scope.

At HR Bangladesh we accept parts of a client’s recruitment process, or all of its recruitment activities in Bangladesh. We help businesses reduce their response time to human resources needs as well as providing sophisticated staffing methods and reporting. Outsourcing your recruitment processes to HR Bangladesh would help you reduce costs and understand and measure your recruitment strategy in Bangladesh.

We work with you to build strategies for your recruitment activities and diligently follow your instructions guaranteeing compliance. Our experts help you to create a corporate staffing strategy to ensure the best results.

In RPO we offer analytics and mapping of your recruitment activities, provide insight and comparison with your competitors and identify problem areas, as well as untapped potentials in human resources. We also offer skills analysis and resourcing health checks to optimize your recruitment processes.

We understand the impermanence of employer-employee relationships and the need for retention of desirable candidates. We also understand your need to maintain certain functions in line with your employer brand. When you outsource your recruitment processes to HR Bangladesh you have higher quality in recruitment and can free your own core resources to employ them to your core business activities.

Ultimately, its care and consistency that works in RPO to make things truly cost and quality effective, and at HR Bangladesh, we understand that perfectly.

recruitment process outsourcing


Hiring the right people is one of the hardest Human Resource challenges in Bangladesh. New procedures emerge constantly: psychometric testing, micro-expression recognition, abstract questioning. Few recruitment techniques have universal value: HR must develop the most effective process based on external and internal culture and the position being filled. Finding the right balance of skills, experience and personal qualities is the million dollar question; there’s no right equation. Once the position has been filled, on boarding the employee becomes the next big challenge. As a leading manpower recruitment agency in Bangladesh we know the process and we use the right toll to made the recruitment process cost effective for our valued clients.  



Achieving RPO Success

In an increasingly demanding and complex hiring environment, organizations need any advantage they can get to ensure they recruit the best talent and attain a significant competitive advantage. As the needs of today’s employers continue to change, RPO providers and the solutions they deliver must evolve as well to accommodate both the client and the candidates they seek to engage. A one-size-fits-all approach to finding

talent is not a successful model to achieve positive recruiting results; organizations that accept this kind of strategy will not be able to access the talent needed to make their operations successful. To ensure a competitive advantage and the ability to attract, engage and hire top candidates, the organization should demand more from its RPO

provider. Rather than being just an extension of the HR department, the provider should serve as a strategic partner that works closely with the
company, delivering the latest market insights and continuously supplying the right quantity of talent with the needed skills with the ability to
scale recruitment operations as demand changes.